Comments from the 2019 Social Services Inspection Report:

  • It was observed that children were encouraged to share, help each other and respect others and to develop social behaviour appropriate to each childs stage of development.  There are high but realistic expectations of what children can achieve.
  • There was a rich environment of natural, man-made and bought mateials which ensured that the play and developmental needs of the children are met.
  •  It was evident that children are encouraged to be physically active and opportunities for daily physical activity are included within the setting.
  • The children appeared very settled and confident within the environment.
  • The staff were attentive, caring and supportive towards the children throughout the visit.
  • The staff were caring and supportive in their approaches with the children and encouraged the childrens independence and self-confidence.
  • There was a real fun and play element to the programme and it was apparent that all the children were included and participating in the activities.

Comments from the 2019 Parents Questionnaires:

  • Adventures are without a doubt the best nursery on the road. They are understanding about my attachment to my son and let me know regular updates that settle my mind when I phone. The girls are brilliant with my wee son. Couldn’t appreciate them more.
  • My son is happy every morning going into Adventures. I feel at ease leaving him 4 days a week knowing that he is well looked after.
  • After being apprehensive of putting our twins into formal childcare we are now delighted that we did. The boys have settled really well and have formed lovely relationships with the staff in their short time there. We can really relax when they are in Adventures.
  • Fantastic nursery. Excellent professional service at all times. Thank you.
  • Both my girls love coming to Adventures. All the staff are friendly and kind. They put 100% into looking after all the children in their care.
  • I was a nervous wreck when my son first started, but he settled in no time and loves gong to Adventures. Thanks for everything.
  • I absolutely love this nursery and am very happy with my childs care and feel he is well looked after and cared for.
  • My daughter settled into nursery life very quickly due to the care and attention provided by all staff members and loves her time at Adventures. I feel happy going to work knowing she is being cared for and looked after so well. Thank you all!!
  • My daughter was very withdrawn when starting in Adventures and didn’t speak great, but since starting Adventures she has really came out of herself and her speech is fantastic.
  • All my children have loved the nursery and made lots of friends and the staff are very good and are all lovely girls.
Adventures Day Nursery – A Truly Award Winning Nursery

Over the last few years Adventures Day Nursery has won a number of awards.  These awards show the dedication and commitment of the business to its staff and customers.  Our awards have included:

  • Training Partner of the Year –  with People First training
  • NI4Kids – Childcare of the year finalist
  • All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award – awarded 2012 and 2015
  • Belfast Business Awards 2015 and 2016 – Highly Commended “Best Place to Work”. Finalist in 2016
  • Women in Business 2015 – Winner “Best Customer Service”, Finalist in 2017
  • Family Friendly Employer Awards 2015 and 2016 finalist, Highly Commended in 2017
  • Family First Awards 2016 – winner Centre of Excellence for West Belfast
  • Family First Awards 2017 – winner Centre of Excellence for Childcare
  • Family First Awards 2018 and 2019 – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Family Friendly Employer Awards 2018 and 2019 – winner
All Ireland Centre of Excellence

We are delighted to inform all our staff and parents that we have retained the All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award.  This award has been developed in line with international research on best practice in Early Years care and education, and recognises day care providers as delivering high quality provision for each individual child in their care.  Receiving this award highlights the commitment that all staff in Adventures have towards ensuring that we offer the highest level of support for the children in our nursery.

 Comments from the 2018 Social Services Inspection Report:

  • It was evident that there was a good understanding of Safeguarding and Child protection.
  • The setting has a range of sufficient and suitable play equipment and materials available for indoor and outdoor play to provide stimulating activities for children in all areas of their development and learning.
  • The inspector observed clearly defined play areas large enough to give scope for free movement in which children have opportunities for safe, energetic play.
  • Staff talked in a warm and affectionate way towards the children.
  • The children appeared happy and settled and staff were warm and caring towards the children at all times.
  • The atmosphere was friendly and happy.

Comments from the 2018 Parents Questionnaires:

  • The staff are supportive in my approaches and always offer helpful advice.
  • Staff always go out of their ways to make sure myself and son are both happy.
  • Excellent nursery – we are so happy that our child is attending Adventures.
  • Maria and the staff have been so professional and caring to our child, that it has made what we thought would be a daunting experience extremely positive.
  • Amazing creche and staff.
  • Always made to feel welcome by the staff.  Girls are really lovely and I know my daughter is in good hands.
  • the staff are amazing and very friendly.
  • Everybody is so positive towards the children.
  • So welcoming – amazing staff.
  • Excellent creche with amazing staff who are very good at their job.
Comments from the 2017 Social Services Inspection:

Social Worker Comments:

  • It was evident the Safeguarding children is afforded the highest priority in this setting
  • Baby room – The staff presented as caring and attentive and when one of the children became unsettled they were responsive and comforted the little girl.
  • Little 1 – the staff presented as vigilant and responsive to the children.  They offered them lots of smiles and talked in calm and reassuring voices.
  • Little 2 – The staff were once again attentive and responsive to the children and open ended questions were asked to encourage speech and language development.
  • Big room – While the children ate their snack they chatted away with each other and the staff and it was apparent that the children were relaxed and happy.
  • After-school – The staff were also very attentive and it was evident from the interaction with the children that there is an easy relationship between the children and the staff.

Parent comments:

  • An excellent setting, my eldest son attended here 10 years ago and my youngest is currently there.  Great relationship with all the staff, a good sign that there isn’t a high turnover of staff.  Would recommend this day nursery to anyone.
  • Excellent nursery and my daughter has settled very well with the help and encouragement of all staff members.
  • This childcare is amazing.  Nothing is too much trouble. I fully trust Maria and the staff with my childrens care.
  • Both of my children have come on so well at Adventures.  The staff are so pleasant and professional at their jobs.  I feel so comfortable when talking to the staff at Adventures.


Comments from the 2016 Social Services Inspection:

“It was found through discussion that staff have a sound knowledge of the child protection policy and procedures as well as safe caring practices”, “Staff ratios are high and staff provided individual attention ensuring each childs needs were being met”, “staff presented as warm, caring and attentive towards the children”, Staff demonstrated warmth and skill when interacting with the children, and appeared genuinely interested in what the children had to say”, “The playroom is a stimulating and attractive play environment which is thoughtfully presented to promote distinct areas of play for fun and learning”.

Comments from the 2016 Parents questionnaire:

  • My daughter loves the nursery. All staff very friendly and approachable.
  • Absolutely amazing school. My daughter loves going every week. Great friendly staff.
  • I am so pleased with the support I have received from a Adventures. The staff are welcoming and friendly. My child absolutely loves attending. I would 100% recommend this nursery to others.
  • I have sent both my children to Adventures. The staff are excellent. The nursery is well run. Both my children have always been happy and content in Adventures.
  • Excellent Nursery – amazing staff.
  • The staff feel like an extension of my family. I know they love and care for my son. delighted with this fantastic nursery.I had my daughter in a nursery for 1 year prior to joining Adventures. The difference is like night and day. I fretted leaving her before to the previous nursery, but now I go to work contented as she obviously loves Adventures and practically skips into it every day. Thanks to Maria and all the wonderful staff.